Welcome to my home page.

I’m a software engineer and dog rescuer in Cary, North Carolina :)

I develop open source software at Red Hat. I’m currently working on Red Hat Virtualization. I love open source software, and I’m very fortunate and grateful that this is my career.

Computers and technology are my main hobby. I enjoy playing with home automation, security cameras, and other geeky things. I also enjoy building just about anything, whether it’s an electronics project or home improvement.

My wife Candace and I also run a small senior dog rescue, and we currently have 11 wonderful rescue dogs in our home! Please visit and like our Facebook page, Simba’s Seniors Dog Sanctuary.

Pictures of dogs: Facebook
More pictures of dogs: Simba’s Seniors Dog Sanctuary
My online resume: Linked In
I don’t tweet, ever: Twitter
Some code I wrote: Github

Thanks for visiting :)

Greg and Lily

Greg, Candace, Evan, Toby